Team Coaching, Facilitation, & Consulting

Maybe your team...

Team Coaching​

In Team Coaching, I...

  • Help create the process
  • Offer process suggestions
  • Hold the group accountable to their stated outcomes
  • Offer challenges and support

The agenda & content are set by the group at the time of the meeting. We dive into what’s real, right now, Then we connect it back to the group’s desired outcomes.

One example: 3-5 group sessions of 2 hours within a 9-12 month period with email/text support and resource sharing as desired.

One outcome example: long term team names the core communication difficulty they have with each other and plans a way forward.

Team Coaching​
Group Facilitation

With Group Facilitation, I

  • Pre-design a general process based on conversations with leadership
  • Work toward the pre-established outcomes or goals
  • Offer challenges and support

The agenda & content are flexible within a set of topics. I hold a “container” for the group to accomplish their work, and I offer feedback as it suits the group.

One example: 2-3 sessions of 1-2 hours to map out a project plan

One outcome example: nonprofit Board of Directors gains clarity and motivation on strategic vision that sustains the organization for the following decade

Group Facilitation
Organizational Consulting

In Organizational Consulting and Training mode, I...

  • Design a personalized experience based on your desired results
  • Administer and interpret assessments or exercises (MBTI, DiSC, PQ, and more)

The agenda & content are pre-established to ensure specific knowledge is shared.

One example: 1-10 sessions to create a leadership development plan for a group of employees or volunteers.

One outcome example: group of community leaders in a institute take and digest the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and apply it to their current roles leading to increased employee retention.

Organizational Consulting

Kind Words from Clients

Team & Group Coaching

Co-created to suit each situation and organization or group coaching partnership. Every partnership includes preparation, intention, and lots of super-powered listening and inspiration.