My purpose is to contribute to the joy and growth of humankind.

I first wrote that out in my mid-twenties, and coaching is a key strategy for me to actualize that purpose today. I love witnessing success and contentment.

We’re all on learning journeys throughout our lifetimes, and like you, my story has many twists and turns. I climbed many hills and slogged through some wet valleys along the way.

One of the greatest hills I’m climbing is moving my mindset to Non-Violent Communication (NVC). My family and I treasure this experience and long to bring more of it into the broader world. I believe listening is our best path forward, and know you already have everything you need to live your best life.

I meet you where you’re at, and we journey from there. I am a coach and team facilitator because its so delightful that deep listening and open-hearted observation transform lives.

My Story

I’m Tonya McKenna Trabant. I grew up in Alaska with a dog sled team and intended to live out my life there – with a massive variety of travel and adventure of course. Then I fell wild in love, and today I’m in rural Wisconsin with my partner, our two children, a rescued dog, and some laying hens.

My birth name is Trabant, which is a German word that means “satellite” or “companion.” I remember being underwhelmed when I learned this. But while traveling with Up with People, I had many German speakers comment on my name. One day one of them paused and said, no, not really satellite, but “something that goes with something else.”

That definition has stuck with me. I treasure being a witness, a companion, a fellow traveler in anyone’s wild and precious life. My top values are connection, equity and joy.

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